Taking One Step Forward

Browsing through some old photos, I felt like this photo resonated with me right now. Taking a look at what's ahead and being brave enough to take one step forward.

Jump into the unknown. Survive. Prove yourself. Succeed.

I feel like this is a constant cycle. A cycle that's always needed. I am in that cycle again. It's a wonderful ecstatic mix of emotions. A little more experienced but a lot more nervous and even more excited.

I wanted to find the next challenge to overcome. I wanted to prove myself again. I wanted to learn new skills. I wanted learn and experience new things. I needed new boundaries and I needed to break them. I need all this to grow and here it is.

There is always that fear though. The fear that bounds us. The fear that stops us. Fear of the unknown. Fears of failure. Fears of disappointment. There is always fear but what matters is the realization and the willpower to let go and the courage to take the next step. Let's do it.

Aja, fighting!